SNCB staff allowed to wear long shorts this summer

SNCB staff allowed to wear long shorts this summer
Credit: SNCB

Swelter no more. Employees of Belgium’s national train network will be permitted to wear Bermuda shorts while on duty during hot weather, in part of a trial over the company’s uniform policy.

The trial comes following complaints made by members of staff about overheating in their uniforms. Currently, male SNCB employees have to wear long suit trousers as part of their uniforms. Women currently wear above-the-knee skirts. The exercise is intended to enable the rail company to understand the needs of its employees in high temperatures.

Unlike the rest of the company’s outfit, the Bermuda shorts will not be provided to the employees. Instead, workers will be asked to purchase their own shorts and ensure that they match the rest of the outfit, a spokesperson for the company said.

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This summer is set to be hotter than average, with experts from Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) warning that traditional seasons have been disturbed by global warming. On the weekend beginning 17 June, temperatures surpassed 34 degrees in Belgium, the warmest 17 June on record.

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