King Baudouin Foundation raises €1.5 million for flood relief

King Baudouin Foundation raises €1.5 million for flood relief
The catastrophic floods in July 2021. Credit: Belga

Since the massive flooding which swept Belgium in July 2021, Belgians have made huge financial donations to help those affected. The King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), an independent philanthropic organisation under the honorary presidency of Queen Mathilde, has received around 5,000 donations of a total €1.5 million, the charity announced on 5 July.

On top of donations received from the public, the charity added an additional €500,000 from its own capital towards the total charity money. In total, the charity has supported over 112 charitable projects in Belgium, especially in areas especially affected by severe flooding.

More than €820,000 was collected by the regional charity organisation Bürgerfonds Ostbelgien, which is active within the German-speaking community of Belgium. German-speaking areas bordering Germany, as well as large parts of Wallonia, were massively impacted by the summer floods. In total, the floods caused €38 billion in damage to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France.

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Funds raised by the KBF have also been used to support Red Cross services, firefighters, schools, museums, cultural associations, and the upkeep of the foundation.

The KBF spent nearly €100,000 of its own capital last year to help to fight poverty in rural Wallonia, alongside the Walloon Network for the Fight Against Poverty. 36 projects received KBF funding. In total, €163,979 was allocated to rehabilitating villages affected by severe flooding in the region.

During the flooding, dozens of municipalities in Brussels came together to provide material support for communities affected by the floods. Many collected items such as blankets, personal hygiene products, phone chargers, and other essential items for those who lost their homes due.

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