Cool off in the summer heat with Chaudfontaine’s snow cabins

Cool off in the summer heat with Chaudfontaine’s snow cabins
Illustration picture shows Le Chateau des Thermes hotel and spa, in Chaudfontaine, Wednesday 29 July 2020. BELGA PHOTO JOHN THYS

When the days get warmer and sunnier, we often start dreaming of colder, less inclement weather. This is increasingly true as we struggle with rising temperatures and start wishing for a refreshing rainy day. Now, though, if the heat of summer starts to get too much you can go and experience some snowfall here in Belgium whenever you want to cool off.

After suffering from the negative impact of last year’s floods, the thermal baths of Chaudfontaine are back with new ice and snow cabins complimenting their famous spas.

Before entering these cabins, you first enter an airlock where the temperature is 10°C so that your body gets used to the change gradually. Then you arrive in another room where the temperature is around -2°C and that’s when the snow starts to fall all around you.

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Beyond the therapeutic side, and the well-being effect of going from hot to cold, this improves blood circulation and is very beneficial for the bronchi. The bronchi carry oxygen from your throat to your right and left lungs. With low water consumption, seven litres per hour, this cabin also considers sustainability as well as your wellness.

The ice and snow cabins are prohibited to children under 13 years of age. Access to the thermal baths of Chaudfontaine starts at 60 euros.

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