Belgians make more calls for assistance abroad this year

Belgians make more calls for assistance abroad this year
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The number of calls for medical or breakdown assistance abroad has risen by 20% in July, compared to the same period the period before, according to Touring Travel Assistance. This statistic is still 12% lower than before the pandemic.

This trend can be observed across the mobility sector. Travel insurance and breakdown cover provider Europ Assistance has helped more Belgians abroad in the first two weeks of this summer’s holiday season than in the whole of the same period last year. Back then, there were still many pandemic measures in places which curbed holiday travel, especially by car.

In July this year, Touring recorded 19,640 calls for assistance, compared to 16,315 in the same month last year. In 2019, the company received 22,271 calls. The number of cost contributions made by the insurance company increased 29% compared to last year, but down 7% from before the pandemic.

Likewise, the number of calls for medical and technical assistance has risen by 37% and 28% respectively compared to last year. Most calls for medical support came from France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Touring states that it has witnessed a strong resurgence in demand for tourism. The company now expects a strong increase in the amount of insurance claims in the coming years.

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Hot weather and increased domestic motor-tourism this month has led to a massive spike in calls for breakdown assistance from Belgians. Touring recorded a total of 50,413 cases this month alone.

“It shows that many of our compatriots have chosen to spend their holiday in Belgium because of the economic crisis, the problems reported at some airports, and the uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine,” Touring estimates.

For vehicles abroad, Europ Assistance received 2,495 calls for breakdown assistance this month. The most common issues include problems with starting the car (72%), technical accidents (such as locking the car in the vehicle, putting in the wrong fuel, or getting a flat), and accidents (8%).

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