Forest fire reignited in central Portugal

Forest fire reignited in central Portugal
Credit: @sradjy/Twitter.

On Tuesday morning, the forest fire in the Portuguese natural park of Serra da Estrela was reignited after being deemed under control last week.

Over 1,000 firefighters were once again dispatched to put out the wildfire in Serra da Estrela, after being fanned by "strong winds," according to Civil Protection commander André Fernandes.

The forest fire has already destroyed 5,000 hectares, with the Civil Protection having been chastised for its management of said fire.

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As a result, Interior Minister José Luis Carneiro promised on Monday that an investigation into "the structural reasons" and "ways to combat" the flames would begin "after the Serra da Estrela fire has been extinguished."

Furthermore, the Iberian country, which is suffering from a severe drought this year, saw its warmest July in nearly a century.

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