Bpost celebrates Belgian Air Force with commemorative stamps

Bpost celebrates Belgian Air Force with commemorative stamps
Credit: bpost

Belgian postal service bpost has presented a series of commemorative stamps paying homage to the Belgian Air Force at a presentation on 23 August.

The stamps are a collaboration between the Air Component of the Belgian military and Belgian military aviation enthusiasts “Mirage BD 09 team.” The stamps pay tribute to Belgian military aircraft used during humanitarian missions.

Each sheet of the commemorative stamps is made up of five stamps, each representing an Air Force plane or helicopter which played a role in the humanitarian missions. One of the stamps is dedicated to the C-130, which made round trips between Pakistan and the Afghan capital to evacuate Belgian residents and allied nations’ citizens during Operation Red Kite last year.

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The stamps will be available to purchase at a temporary post office established on the grounds of the Koksijde Air Base, which will open its doors on 30 August to the SummerEXPO air show. The temporary post office will be housed with a Sea King helicopter, where military and aviation enthusiasts will be able to purchase the unique stamps.

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