Energy prices: 'Don't Pay' movement spreads to Belgium

Energy prices: 'Don't Pay' movement spreads to Belgium
Credit: Don't Pay UK

Following a planned payment strike in Britain, a similar initiative has been launched in Belgium against excessively high energy bills.

The Belgian campaign against high prices has been started by residents who can no longer afford their gas and electricity bills, organisers say.

"We can't pay," "We don't want to," "We're not paying," the organisers stated in a pamphlet. “It’s simple for us: we can’t pay those invoices so we won’t.”

The campaigners noted that people had a right to gas and electricity. “That’s not a luxury, but a necessity,” they said. Politicians must therefore ensure a decisive and effective response, according to the initiators.

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The Belgian campaigners said they were inspired by the 'Don't pay' movement in Britain, where over 130,000 persons are threatening to go on a payment strike from 1 October.

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