Belfius to make Bancontact available on Apple Pay

Belfius to make Bancontact available on Apple Pay
Credit: Jonas Hamers/ImageGlobe.

The Belgian bank Belfius will be making Bancontact available on Apple Pay, as the American tech giant has announced a price hike on their apps for European customers.

Belfius will become the first Belgian bank to offer Bancontact on Apple Pay, so that iPhone users can use their phones to make contactless payments.

Those signed up to Belfius, they will be able to join Apple Pay, by going on the Belfius app and choosing which account to  add to the iOS's own 'wallet' app.

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Furthermore, regarding the security of these transactions, the Belgian bank pointed out that "Apple Pay makes it a point of honour to guarantee the security and confidentiality of their users' data."

Upsetting the apple cart

Apple have also announced plans to increase the prices of their apps in Europe, and in Asia, as of 5 October.

While the cheapest applications will remain relatively unaffected, the more expensive ones will have to deal with soaring prices.

It is expected that apps costing more than €21 will be €4 more expensive, and €20 more expensive for apps over €100.

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