Belgian environment ministers launch new online sustainability platform

Belgian environment ministers launch new online sustainability platform
Credit: Belga

The various Belgian ministers in charge of the environment have officially launched the Belgian Alliance for Diversity, an online platform that aims to encourage and make all actions undertaken to preserve life more visible.

Biodiversity has been declining for several years all over the world under pressure from human activities, heralding a new great extinction of living species on Earth, according to scientists.

This challenge was at the heart of the 15th United Nations Conference on Biodiversity which took place in Montreal, Canada last month. The objective of the conference was to mobilise governments and civil society to adopt urgent conservation actions.

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As a result, the online tool launched by the Belgian ministers will provide citizens with a series of tips for living a more environmentally friendly life, such as the sustainable management of their gardens. Municipalities are encouraged to develop areas where fauna and flora can thrive, while companies are invited to take better account of biodiversity in their production processes.

Via the platform, these companies will be able to publicise their actions in favour of biodiversity. However, they will have to meet at least one of the ten objectives set by the Alliance for 2030.

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