Belgian Apple customers can now repair their own devices

Belgian Apple customers can now repair their own devices
Credit: HS You/Flickr.

Apple customers in eight European nations, including Belgium, will soon be able to fix their own devices as the company has expanded its Self Service Repair to Europe. This option, however, will not be possible for the most recent Mac computers.

On Tuesday, Apple announced the expansion of its Self Service Repair programme to Belgian consumers, in addition to those in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Britain, Italy, and Sweden.

The program was already rolled out in the United States earlier this year, despite Apple's long-standing opposition to customers repairing their own devices.

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As a result, the tech giant will now allow customers to obtain spare parts for the iPhone SE, 12 and 13 models, as well for certain models of its computers. A toolkit and manual can be bought for €60. However, for the latest Mac computers with dual M2 processors, self-repair will be not possible.

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