Biggest 'sports entertainment' park in Europe to open in Belgium

Biggest 'sports entertainment' park in Europe to open in Belgium
Credit: Sparx

What is expected to be the biggest entertainment sports theme park in Europe will open this spring in Hasselt, Limburg, cramming more than fifty sports on 3,500 square metres.

The "action-packed and fun-focused" park allows people of all ages and all levels can discover and practice over 50 sports in a physical environment supported by Augmented and Virtual Reality. More traditional sports such as football, tennis and basketball can be played, but there is also a simulator for alpine skiing and the possibility to drive around a virtual F1 circuit.

Visual of sports supported by Augmented and Virtual Reality. Credit: Sparx

"We believe that 'sportainment' can be a bridge between fun and health, young and old, different sports levels and all sports on earth," co-founder Mathieu Renier said. The indoor park also includes the possibility to play lesser-known sports such as curling, clay pigeon shooting or sports fishing.

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The concept is the brainchild of Sparkx, a new company which was founded by six entrepreneurs and backed by private investors. The park will employ 40 people, for which a myriad of vacancies has already been posted online.

The amusement park has been under construction since November in Plaza'H, a shopping centre on Gouverneur Verwilghensingel, the ring road around the city. Sparkx already noted it has ambitions to build more parks in Belgium as well as in neighbouring countries. 

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