No baby on board: Belgian couple abandon child at airport check-in

No baby on board: Belgian couple abandon child at airport check-in
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A couple abandoned their baby at an airport check-in counter after refusing to pay an adult fare ticket for their 2-year-old child, Israeli news channel N12 has reported.

The parents, both of whom are Belgian citizens, were scheduled to travel to Charleroi (Brussels South) Airport from Israeli's Ben Gurion Airport on a Ryanair flight on Tuesday.

While checking in for their flight, the parents were informed that, according to Ryanair's official policy, children over the age of two must purchase an adult fare ticket. After refusing to pay the fare, the parents left their baby in a pram at the airport check-in counter and headed to their flight gate.

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"All the staff were shocked, we couldn't believe our eyes," said one Ryanair employee.

Ryanair staff immediately notified the police and airport security services. One airport staff member informed The Daily Mirror that the couple were subsequently escorted back to the airport check-in counter, where they "took the baby back". They were then questioned by the Israeli authorities.

It is believed that the couple will soon return to Belgium – this time, hopefully, with their baby in tow.

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