Brussels nightclub C12 bans smartphone cameras

Brussels nightclub C12 bans smartphone cameras

It is now forbidden to take photos and videos in the C12 nightclub in Brussels. At the entrance, party-goers will have their smartphone taped at the entrance. Many nightclubs have been contemplating making the same move.

The idea is not new. C12 took inspiration from Berlin's famous clubbing scene, which puts a value on privacy as being an important aspect of clubbing, with phones being seen as a distraction and a departure from the traditional dancefloor experience.

The only person with an exemption to the rule is the in-house photographer, so clubbers can still have photos of themselves to remember their night of dancing. Anyone else caught infringing on the new rule will receive a warning and repeat offenders may be denied access to the nightclub.

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The measure has been in place for two weekends already, with positive feedback. Prior to the implementation, club owners noticed that people enjoy themselves less when their smartphones are glued to their hands.

"At a musical climax, you suddenly see dozens of screens lit up these days. That's a shame," said Steven Van Belle, programme manager at Fuse to Het Nieuwsblad. "We have already considered similar measures to C12, but we encounter practical problems. If we have to put a sticker on everyone's smartphone at the entrance, there will be a long queue. For now, we are mainly trying to raise awareness with posters in the club."

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