Flanders agrees on refurbishment of Brussels northern Ring Road

Flanders agrees on refurbishment of Brussels northern Ring Road
Traffic on the Brussels Ring. Credit: James Arthur Gekiere/Belga

After extensive consultation, the Flemish Government provisionally laid down on Friday the route for the refurbishment of the northern Brussels Ring Road in a Regional Spatial Implementation Plan.

The solution for the northern part of the Ring Road, the area between the interchange on the E40 motorway in Groot-Bijgaarden and the interchange on the E40 motorway in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, was already proposed last summer. Then, an advisory round was held and in the meantime, companies, local authorities and action groups have been able to provide their input.

The main plans are known: a parallel structure will be created in the Zaventem zone, between the traffic interchanges of the Ring with the E40 towards Leuven and the E19 motorway. Road users will have to choose between the main ring road or the parallel ring road at the major junctions.

Between the traffic interchanges with the A12 and the E40 motorways towards Ghent, the entrances and exits will be rearranged, making the weaving movements safer. Additionally, 32 new or renewed connections for cyclists and pedestrians will be created over and under the Ring. Of those, 30 are ecological connections and 2 hectares are being softened.

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The draft of the Regional Spatial Implementation Plan (GRUP) is now being submitted to all citizens in a public inquiry, reports Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters.

The Flemish Brabant chapter of the Voka entrepreneurial organisation applauded the decision of the Flemish government. "Separating local and transit traffic will cause less congestion and improve traffic flow," said managing director Kris Claes. "This is a big step forward for the companies located on the Brussels Ring Road and for the logistics transit traffic."

The organisation asks the Brussels government and all advisory bodies to assess the route positively.

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