Almost three in four Belgians fear that the Russian invasion will escalate into WW3

Almost three in four Belgians fear that the Russian invasion will escalate into WW3
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Belgians are increasingly worried about the likelihood of a Third World War following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. 72% of Belgian respondents fear that the war could develop into a global conflict, according to a survey conducted by opinion pollster Euroskopia.

The fear of a future escalation is highest in Spain: just under 90% of survey respondents worry that the conflict could extend into a global struggle. The Spanish appear to be wavering in their confidence in the Ukrainian armed forces. In a separate survey conducted by Euroskopia, almost half of Spanish respondents said that they wanted the war to end soon – even if it resulted in Ukraine losing territory to Russia.

While in Belgium there are fears that the war could spiral into a larger confrontation, most likely between Russia and NATO, most Belgians are still in favour of continued military support for Ukraine.

One third believe that weapons deliveries to Ukraine should continue until Russia is defeated. A slightly larger group believes that more should be done to push for peace negotiations while still delivering arms. One fifth wants Belgium to put an end to all weapons deliveries.

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There is little indication that Belgium is planning to end or even reduce its support for Ukraine. On 12 May, the Belgian Federal Government approved a new package of support for Ukraine worth €92 million. Around half of this is military aid, including armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunition.

While the contribution is significant, Belgium's military support for Ukraine is proportionally less than that provided by its neighbours. Unlike the Netherlands and Germany, who have both pledged tanks for Ukraine, Belgium has largely declined to send heavy equipment to the country.

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