Driving offences, disability benefits: New regulations to kick in 1 July

Driving offences, disability benefits: New regulations to kick in 1 July
New regulations taking effect July 1 include increased fines for driving offences. Credit: Belga© Belga

Starting 1 July, new rules will enter into effect, including new fines for driving offences, benefits for people with disabilities, and more.

The fine for driving on the wrong side of the road will triple to 174 euros. Driving in the middle of the roadway will lead to a fine of 116 euros.

The new regulations will also increase the number of offences that can be detected by automatic devices such as driving against the direction of traffic.

Fluvius, an energy distribution network in Flanders, will roll out digital energy meters for both electricity and gas. The average will pay an extra 15 euro per year for electricity and 12 euro per year for natural gas. The old meters should be phased out by 2034.

People with severe disabilities will receive unemployment or sick benefits if they use mediation services while searching for a job or training.

Self-employed people will receive benefits for at least a week if they are ill or have an accident, as long as they have documentation from a doctor.

The first reminder to those who have not paid their water bill will now be free, and the reminder will be sent after one month instead of after two weeks.

There are also new rules for those using Income Guarantee for the Elderly (IGO). Those receiving IGO must report if they will be away from home for more than 21 days in a row, but they must stay in Belgium.

Previously, an IGO beneficiary had to go to their town hall once a year with their residence permit. Now, the postman will ring the doorbell, and the beneficiary will only have to go to the town hall if there are three unsuccessful attempts by the postman to reach them.

Other rules coming into effect include polluting cars being no longer allowed in Paris, Brussels prohibiting plastic at events in public places, and stricter rules for selling marijuana.

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