Belgium in Brief: Grenades in castles, helpless hedgehogs and harassment in swimming pools

Belgium in Brief: Grenades in castles, helpless hedgehogs and harassment in swimming pools

A Belgian castle was evacuated after a grenade was found inside, another sexual harassment incident has been reported in a pool in Belgium, and one ex-pat explains her issue with Belgium nasal etiquette.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. Deteriorating Flemish road bridge do not pose dangers 'like last summer in Genoa'

Road authorities have urged residents to keep calm over the deteriorating state of a bridge over the Brussels ring road, saying that there was “nothing wrong” with the capacity of the bridge and that the problem will soon be tackled, according to reports. Read more.

2. Wanted: Street Artists to bring their work to the Brussels tramline

Aspiring to brighten up the entrances to the tram and pre-metro tunnels, Brussels Mobility is searching for street artists who want to take their art to the walls of the city. The call for proposals aims to give street artists the opportunity to immortalise their work in the city, as already happened on the walls of the De Wand tram stop in Laeken. Read more.

3. Sexual harassment incident in Ghent pool under investigation by police

Authorities are investigating a new incident of sexual harassment in swimming pools after a 17-year-old girl in a Ghent pool was touched between the legs by another teen swimmer. Read more.

4. Grenade found in Antwerp castle

The grounds of Kasteel Park Den Brandt in Antwerp were closed on Wednesday morning by the police after a grenade was found in the Grand Café restaurant. The Office for the Disposal and Destruction of Explosive Equipment (DOVO) was sent to the site to handle the explosive, and ensure the situation is safe. Read more.

5. Fatal hit-and-run driver released under certain conditions

The driver who hit a pedestrian on Sunday night and reported himself to the police on Monday afternoon has been released, according to local media. The judge had 48 hours to question the suspect and decide whether or not to put him under arrest. Read more

6. Hedgehog population declines in Brussels, Flanders, study says

Hedgehogs are on the decline across Belgium for an unknown reason. The animals are killed by cars, but the insects they eat have also been in short supply, meaning that further research is needed to determine the reason. Read more.

7. Opinion: The Begian Blow

For all the things one expat loves about Belgium, people loudly blowing their noses is something she could live without. Read more.

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