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Felyx services also stopped in parts of Brussels

Felyx launched the first 200 of its planned 600 scooters in Brussels in June. Credit: Felyx/Facebook

The electric scooter operator Felyx has adjusted its services in Brussels to not serve certain parts of Brussels.

This decision happened the end of June and concerns the Atomium and Laeken zones, but came to light in reports by BX1 on Wednesday.

This decision was taken following too frequent cases of vandalism against our scooters. Missing helmets, broken bumpers and mirrors, damaged scooters, etc. All these degradations put in danger the security of our customers and it was thus decided to definitively eliminate these two zones the spokesperson of the company explained to La Libre.

“We regret this decision especially as our scooters were used by many tourists who wanted to travel north of Brussels to visit the Atomium, Mini Europe, etc, ” they added.

This information comes as Uber announced that it would be pulling it’s JUMP bikes from certain areas of Brussels.

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