Defendant in ‘Pokemon murder’ is officially declared a psychopath
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    Defendant in ‘Pokemon murder’ is officially declared a psychopath

    Credit: Belga

    Jonny Van Den Broek (27), accused of murdering Shashia Moreau in what Flemish media dubbed “the Pokemon murder“, is officially declared a psychopath.

    The fourth day of the trial against Van Den Broeck started with the testimony of a psychologist and a psychiatrist, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

    Van Den Broeck is an intelligent man with an IQ between 110 and 115, according to psychologist Renaat Mattheus. “He is quick to smile, smooth, charming,” he added. However, Van Den Broeck also displays several characteristics that point to psychopathy, like being quick to shift the blame, being insensitive to stress and having an egocentric attitude.

    Psychiatrist Rudy Verelst added that Van Den Broeck has a narcissistic and psychopathic personality disorder. “There is also a sexual aspect to this. The suspect takes a sadistic pleasure in seeing others suffer. He explores the boundaries with others sexually,” he added.

    According to European norms, Jonny Van Den Broeck is a psychopath, concluded Verelst. “He is a ticking time bomb that exploded on 7 February 2017 when Van Den Broeck met his victim Shashia Moreau,” he added.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times