Brussels eyes tax on registration of bulky vehicles

Brussels eyes tax on registration of bulky vehicles
Mobility authorities are mulling a tax on SUVs and bulky vehicles. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Authorities in Brussels are considering the creation of a tax for the registration of cumbersome vehicles, in an effort to push residents to opt for lighter, smaller cars.

The tax would target SUVs in particular, but other large pollutant vehicles, perceived as taking up too much space in the city, could also be concerned by the fee, according to reports on BX1.

The move is currently being mulled over by the regional ministries of mobility, environment and finances, according to further reports by the Sudpresse group.

The tax will be aimed at encouraging drivers to use compact and less polluting vehicles, in a move that comes as environment and mobility authorities in Brussels increase efforts to improve air quality and road safety in the city.

The new regional government confirmed plans to phase out petrol cars from 2035, at the same time as it moved to implement stricter roads on vehicles allowed inside the city's low emissions zone.

In October, authorities prompted the rage of the automotive sector when they announced that they would carry out a study as part of a proposal to ban motorcycles on the regional territory.

The proposal for the tax is expected to be reviewed by regional authorities from the start of 2020, according to La Capitale.

Gabriela Galindo

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