Drinking in Brussels’ pedestrian zone remains banned until February

Drinking in Brussels’ pedestrian zone remains banned until February
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The Brussels City Council unanimously gave the go-ahead on Monday for an extension until 31 January 2021 of the ban on alcohol consumption from midnight to six in the morning in the pedestrian zone of the central boulevards on Monday.

The ban was decided last winter after complaints about noise nuisance, uncleanliness, vandalism, theft and public security offences. These were often attributed to people who were intoxicated on the streets.

The measure’s feedback period - a few weeks in February and March - is not enough to effectively evaluate its usefulness after 6 months, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close explained.

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Close has not ruled out returning to this issue in the city council next October, without waiting for the end of the additional period, he said.

Offenders can get fined up to €350. In February and March, 700 municipal administrative penalty files were opened against people violating the ban. Exceptions to the ban include terraces with authorisations from the City and during all commercial, festive or sporting events organised by the City of Brussels.

The area involved includes boulevard Anspach from place Fontainas to place De Brouckère, the side streets and the streets perpendicular to Anspach, as well as the place de la Monnaie.

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