Coronavirus: where travellers and asymptomatic people can get tested in Brussels
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Coronavirus: where travellers and asymptomatic people can get tested in Brussels

Credit: Belga

It is no longer possible to get tested for the new coronavirus (Covid-19) without a prescription at the Molière Longchamp site of the Iris Hospitals South, hospital staff told The Brussels Times.

A coronavirus testing centre was opened at the site on Tuesday, with opening hours between 12:00 and 4:00 PM. Initially, people both with and without prescription could get tested there.

That changed on Friday, staff told The Brussels Times. The decision to change was made by management of the Iris Hospitals South.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of where people going on a trip and asymptomatic people can currently get tested, obtained by The Brussels Times at the testing centre at Molière Longchamp. You can also find a link to the centres on Google Maps here.


Drive-in (LBS) – the parking lot ot Boulevard de l’Humanité 116
Clinique Sainte-Anne Saint-Remi (Cebiodi) – Rue Verheyden
Erasmus Hospital – Route de Lennik 808


Hankar Medical Centre (Synlab) – Rue G.-J. Leclercq 3


Synlab – Rue des Soldats 40


CM Chartreux (Synlab) – Rue des Chartreux 69
European Medical Centre – Square Ambiorix 40/7
Cliniques Saint-Jean (Cebiodi) – Rue du Marais 104


Synlab Evere – Avenue Henri Dunant 25


Goffaux (Synlab) – Avenue de Jette 287


Solbosch (Synlab) – Avenue Buyl 110 A


CHU Brugmann Horta – Place A. Van Gehuchten 4


CM 1080 – Boulevard du Jubilé 73
Centre pour les Molembeekois.e.s – Chaussée de Ninove 100


CHU Brugmann Brien – Rue du Foyer Schaerbeekois 36
CM Albert II (Synlab) – Boulevard du Roi Albert II 39


Churchill Centre (Synlab) – Avenue Winston Churchill 81
Centre de prélèvements (LIMS) – Avenue Brugmann 423
Xavier de Bue (Synlab) – Rue Xavier de Bue 15-17


Caracovid – Chaussée de la Hulpe 171
SOS Infirmier – Rue Middelburg 106

Woluwé Saint-Lambert

Espace Santé Globulis – Chaussée de Stockel 245
Centre Thiry (City-Lab) – Avenue Marcel Thiry 216

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times