Brussels bus 88 changes routes from Monday

Brussels bus 88 changes routes from Monday
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The 88 bus line connecting the University Hospital of Brussels to Place De Brouckère will follow a new route in the municipality of Jette from 31 August, Brussels public transport company STIB said Thursday.

From Monday on, the bus will cover the Swartenbrouck, Van Engeland and Heymbosch avenues. A new bus stop, “Boule et Bill” (named after a Belgian comic strip), has been set up by the roundabout of the same name on Avenue Van Engeland.

Until now, the line went via Avenue Henri Liebrecht and Rue de l’Abbaye de Dieleghem, streets that were already covered by line 13.

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The new route, which is part of STIB’s Bus Master Plan, will enable the inhabitants of the northern districts of Jette to be better connected with the rest of the commune, according to the transport company.

STIB pointed out the direct connection to the University Hospital of Brussels, the Huderf/Brugmann hospital, the sports facilities at Heymbosch, Jette station, “but also to Place Bockstael, North station and the historic heart of Brussels.”

Work was carried out this summer to ensure the smooth passage and crossing of buses on the Heymbosch and Van Engeland avenues.

The STIB and the municipality of Jette will still have to test and evaluate this temporary arrangement before it becomes permanent.

Begun in 2018, the Bus Master Plan is the biggest overhaul of the bus network in 30 years. It aims to provide 30% more seats by 2024.

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