Brussels reaches agreement on kilometre tax for drivers

Brussels reaches agreement on kilometre tax for drivers
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The Brussels Government reached an agreement on a proposal for a so-called smart kilometre tax, it announced on Thursday.

Under the new plan, taxation will not be based on ownership of a vehicle but rather on the number of kilometres driven within the region, with the goal of reducing traffic jams in the city and making Brussels a healthier place.

Drivers will have to pay per drive and per kilometre driven, which will be calculated through an app that will be developed following the MaaS principle, which stands for Mobility as a Service, a concept which “should lead to a transport offer that is more attractive in an urban environment than the ‘comfort’ of a personal vehicle,” as the Federal Public Mobility Service explained.

In addition, the type of vehicle and its pollution will be taken into account, according to Taxation Minister and project leader Sven Gatz. People who own a more expensive care will have to pay more.

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Brussels wants to reduce the use of cars by 25% by 2030 with its new tax. “This is not only in the interests of the people of Brussels, but also in the interests of all Belgians,” said Gatz, who underlined that “we no longer resign ourselves to traffic jams.”

The plan is now set to be discussed with federal and regional governments as well as with socio-economic partners, Het Nieuwsblad reports.

When the plan will be enforced remains to be seen, but “this is a starting point to enter a dialogue,” according to Gatz.

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