Brussels Park-and-Ride car parks to no longer be free

Brussels Park-and-Ride car parks to no longer be free
Credit: Belga

Brussels’ Park-and-Ride car parks at Delta and Herrmann-Debroux will become paying car parks by the end of 2021, regional agency announced.

Rates for the car parks will be €60 per year plus €1.5 per day of use, various media report.

In addition, the car park at Stalle will be expanded to 800 places after which it, too, will become paying.

The announcement comes amid news of a controversial tax plan which would tax owners based on the number of rides and the number of kilometres driven, and a transformation of the Brussels Capital Region into a generalised 30-kilometre-per-hour zone.

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In any case, the Delta and Herrmann-Debroux car parks are slated to eventually be replaced by a car park of up to 1,500 cars opposite the local Adeps centre - the general sports administration for the French-speaking community.

For that to happen, however, the Adeps must be connected to tram line 8, which is part of Brussels public transport company STIB’s investment plan. That plan also includes the destruction of the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct, which “won’t happen for ten years,” according to New Mobility News.

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