400,000 'free parking' tickets will be available in Schaarbeek

400,000 'free parking' tickets will be available in Schaarbeek
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Every Schaarbeek household will soon be able to request ten tickets allowing visitors to park for free in the commune.

This move comes following outrage from residents following the move to make the entire commune paid for parking, with no free zones seen elsewhere in the city.

In order to make the plan happen, Schaarbeek will purchase around 400,000 parking tickets from Parking.Brussels, which will then be distributed to residents, Bruzz reports. Each household will be able to apply for up to ten visitor cards worth 2.5 euros per card.

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In addition to the free parking tickets for visitors, Schaerbeek will also change the hours during which paid parking is required. "People asked if that could not be brought forward on Saturdays. At the same time, we made the promise that we would limit paid parking on Saturdays to 18 hours instead of 21 hours," said Deputy Mayor of Mobility Adelheid Byttebier.

Beyond that, little information is known at this time, including when and how residents can apply for the passes. "At the beginning of February, we will discuss the technical modalities with Parking.brussels," Byttebier explained.

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