Brussels metro lines disrupted by strike action

Brussels metro lines disrupted by strike action
Schuman station on STIB/NMBS line 5. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Four of the Brussels metro lines (M1, M2, M5, and M6) are delayed on Wednesday morning following union strikes commencing at 9:00 AM.

The Brussels public transport authority STIB advised users that normal service has been halved with approximately one in two metros running. Busses and trams are unaffected. A delegation from the liberal CGSLB union is due to meet with metro managers at 11:00 AM on Wednesday.

“Users should expect approximately 10-minute intervals between metros,” STIB announced, adding that it was surprised by the action: “We have never closed the door to dialogue.”

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The CGSLB denounces a “persistent social disregard” on the part of the Brussels public transport service and calls on its members to take action across all transport services to address the issues.

The union calls for a better work-life balance for employees that would allow a “wider range of benefits and more choice between shifts that start early and those that start late,” according to Christian Ecker, CGSLB delegate. He adds that “work breaks are poorly spaced: your break could be just an hour and a half after you start the shift and then that’s it until the end.”

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