Brussels gives drivers bonus for ditching car

Brussels gives drivers bonus for ditching car
Cyclist. Credit: Tobias Cornille at Unsplash

A scheme for giving drivers a bonus for giving up their car in Brussels has been successful, according to the Brussels Environment Minister in charge of the green transition, Alain Maron.

The success is due to the number of transport alternatives, according to Maron, as well as the provision of support in handling administrative issues. The time for handling the grant has been turbocharged in Brussels; it takes a maximum of a week between submitting a request to the administration and receiving the grant certificate.

Partly funded through the European plan for recovery and resilience, the bonus scheme offers a range of mobility services free of charge such as public transport, taxis, bicycles, scooters and shared cars.

Mobility coach

It is a scheme targeting Brussels residents who are willing to give up using their car for at least a year. Alongside the grant, beneficiaries can get recommendations from a "mobility coach" who advises on a range of existing forms of transport.

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The coach tailors the advice to each resident and gives online coaching sessions too. Since the start of 2022, the mobility coach has advised over 100 inhabitants of Brussels.

The 700th bonus was given by the Brussels Ministry of Environment on Tuesday.

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