'City garden': Architects appointed to transform Place du Châtelain

'City garden': Architects appointed to transform Place du Châtelain
Now and then: by getting rid of the parking space, green areas will make the square far more pleasant. Credit: Belle de Jong

Architects have been appointed to make greener Place du Châtelain, the square in the heart of the Brussels neighbourhood of Ixelles. The works should transform the space, making it more pleasant and attractive, the municipality stated.

The square, which currently consists of an open-air car park, is uninviting and does not do justice to the shops and catering establishments.

Nearby, both Place Flagey and Parvis de Saint-Gilles have been redeveloped in recent years. Ixelles municipality sees this as a way of boosting the local economy by attracting more people to the area.

Local authorities see the redevelopment of the square as essential to unlocking the area's potential: “Currently, the square is not functioning properly and is not sufficiently accessible, especially for people with reduced mobility,” alderman Romain De Reusme noted in September.

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The goal of the redevelopment is more space for pedestrians and cyclists, putting an end to the current sea of asphalt and parking spaces.

Architectural competition

Ixelles ran an architectural competition for designers to secure the contract for the works. The winners have now been announced, namely the consortium comprised of Taktyk, Alive Architecture, Res Derelictae, and Antea.

The winning design for Place du Châtelain's redevelopment. Credit: Taktyk - Alive Architecture - Res Derelictae - Antea

Together, the architects will redesign the square to get rid of the numerous parking spaces and make it greener than it currently is. A ‘city garden’ will be laid out, with a row of trees, a large lawn and a small watercourse.

According to Brussels news channel BX1, a preliminary project will be presented at the next Ixelles City Council meeting.

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