Forest's Chaussee de Neerstalle gets new tram tracks and more greenery

Forest's Chaussee de Neerstalle gets new tram tracks and more greenery
Cycle paths. Credit: Belga

Brussels Mobility and Brussels transport company, STIB, are working together to boost mobility in Chaussee de Neerstalle in Forest, a municipality in the southwest of Brussels, according to Bruzz.

The district's tram tracks needed to be replaced and authorities took the opportunity to renovate the entire public space on the street.

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Pedestrians should experience more comfort and safety, as the pavement will be widened to a width of two meters, include lower curbs and tiles that show the way for the visibly impaired. For public transport users, the public transport stops will be adapted to better accessibility standards.

Urban development

Bicycle racks will be places along the street, while cyclists should enjoy more space as parts of the street will only allow for one-way traffic. Parking spaces will be reduced to allow for more comfort for pedestrians.

Meanwhile, water management will be done on the street to allow for better  drainage of rainwater, using rain gardens and drainage beds.

The work will start in July 2022 and is expected to be completed by December 2023.

"Chaussee de Neerstalle will have a new look, be safer and better integrated. It will be a real improvement of the living environment," said Mariam El Hamidine, Mayor of Forest municipality.

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