Night trains from Brussels to French beaches and ski resorts to become reality

Night trains from Brussels to French beaches and ski resorts to become reality
Soon, a night train to various ski resorts will be launched. Credit: Sunweb

Travellers will soon be able to take a night train from Brussels to French beaches and ski resorts as Dutch tour operator Sunweb and railway company European Sleeper are looking toward more sustainable travel options.

The plan is to run night trains from Amsterdam which will pass by Brussels before heading to France, both parties announced on Monday. The companies hope to make sustainable and relaxed travelling by train more attractive to a wide audience.

The first trains to the French Alps are expected to start running this winter. The companies are already in talks with rail infrastructure managers in the relevant countries, subcontractors to implement it and suppliers of carriages.

The exact ski resort destinations are yet to be determined, depending on which ski areas are the most attractive and the capacity of the railway lines in the area.

The next step is a night train that brings holidaymakers in the summer season to the southern French beaches without having to change trains.

Destinations included in the summer offering will likely be located on the Mediterranean coast. It remains unclear whether the French Riviera or Perpignan, further south, will be included.

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The two companies will consider rolling out package deals and the accommodation with which the trip will be offered.

Both Sunweb and European Sleeper are looking to "seriously increase the sustainability of travel offerings."

The announcement of these additional routes follows previously launched night train services from Brussels and Amsterdam to Berlin and Prague.

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