Park&Ride car parks will be free from Monday

Park&Ride car parks will be free from Monday
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From Monday 5 September, the subscriptions for the Park&Ride car parks will be free for commuting drivers, the Brussels Parking Agency ( announced. In addition, the prices for a Cycloparking subscription will be reduced by three quarters.

The parking subscriptions for commuting drivers who use the P+R will be free. Before that, that was €60 euros per year plus €1.50 per day of use. With a subscription for the parking, it is not necessary to pass the payment terminal.

Occasional visitors who use public transport can also use the car parks for free (instead of €3 per day). To do this, they have to scan their ticket at the payment machine in the parking lot before they leave. The other rates remain the same.

Cheaper bicycle parking

The subscriptions for bicycle parking at Cycloparking will soon cost €15 instead of €60 per year. Those for cargo bikes will drop from €120 to €30 euros per year.

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Cyclists who applied for a parking space between 1 August and September will receive a full refund of the difference.

Good Move

The price decrease is the result of the draft decision of the Brussels government of 16 December 2021 on the regulated parking zones and the exemption cards. This fits in with the new Climate, Air and Energy Plan that was approved in May this year. In it, the government promised to accelerate the implementation of the Good Move plan.

“By making the P+R free, we want to encourage our commuters and visitors to Brussels to park at the entrance of the city and use our efficient public transport,” says Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt.

“In addition, the new rates for bicycle parking will ensure that more Brussels residents and visitors can choose to cycle. It is two more steps forward that will make our Region more accessible and attractive to its visitors and make life more pleasant for its inhabitants.”

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