Belgium in Brief: Umbrellas at the ready, it's Car Free Sunday

Belgium in Brief: Umbrellas at the ready, it's Car Free Sunday
Credit: Orlando Whitehead

Everybody loves a party. And when the spirit of excitement spills onto the street we have a rare opportunity to rediscover our mundane surroundings from an entirely fresh perspective.

Visiting Notting Hill Carnival in London a few weeks ago, I was reminded of the infectious thrill of reimagining a neighbourhood as a space for amusement rather than commerce. Though Brussels doesn't have a carnival, Car Free Sunday (this weekend) comes pretty close.

Navigating a city can often seem a battle, our journey inevitably disrupted by people going the other way, jams and red lights. Rare are the times that we amble unhurried and take note of the sights we normally ignore. For all its practicalities, the modern metro could be seen as a means of mass teleportation: go underground at one point and emerge shortly later in a completely different part of town, unaware of the bustle above.

This Sunday will be a special moment to soak up the city in all its splendour, with flea markets in almost every neighbourhood, music and activities, and food a-plenty. The transformation is remarkable and gives a chance to experience how things could be if our city really put residents first.

See you out there.

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