Brussels brightens up: 150% rise in solar power since 2018

Brussels brightens up: 150% rise in solar power since 2018
Credit: Belga / Aurore Belot

The number of solar panels installed in Brussels has more than tripled in the last four years, reports La Capitale, increasing the Belgian capital's solar power by 150% between 2018 and 2022.

6.2% of buildings in Brussels have solar panels, reports Brugel (the city's utilities regulator) in a study of the year 2022. Regional Minister of Energy Alain Maron (Ecolo), told La Capitale that "The number of installations increased from 4,507 in 2018 to 15,545 in 2022."

Solar power represents half of the city's production of renewable energy, the rest comes from the waste incinerator in Neder-Over-Heembeek.

Waste incineration uses a renewable source to create energy, but it is not exactly green energy. It affects air quality and emits carbon dioxide in the incineration process, particularly due to the burning of plastic, showed a report commissioned by ClientEarth.

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In 2022, the Brussels region ended its compensation scheme which reduced the electricity bills of solar panel owners by deducting the amount of electricity they feed back into the network from their bill. Instead, the region started partnerships with energy companies, which install and maintain solar panels on individuals' houses free of charge. However, this project was also discontinued in 2023.

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