Brussels will run 90% of metros from Monday

Brussels will run 90% of metros from Monday
Credit: STIB

The Brussels transport company STIB will gradually increase its service from Monday 11 May, when the stores reopen.

STIB will gradually increase its service to cope with the evolution of travel needs, in line with the different phases of Belgium's exit strategy out of the lockdown, the company said.

From 11 May, 85% of STIB's usual trams and buses, and 90% of metros, will be operated again during the week, to meet the higher demand when stores reopen. During the weekends, the vehicles will run at 100% of its usual service again.

"We call on passengers to keep as much physical distance between themselves and other people while using public transport, but the number of passengers allowed in a vehicle is no longer limited since 4 May," An Van Hamme, STIB spokesperson, told The Brussels Times.

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"Now that everything is gradually starting up again, the National Security Council decided to make face masks mandatory, because people will have to start moving around more and using public transport, and the social distance can no longer be guaranteed," she added.

Wearing a mask (or scarf covering mouth and nose) when entering the station, in vehicles and at the different stops, is mandatory for everyone from the age of 12.

The company returns to the usual organisation of its network, with a morning and an evening rush hour, which was not the case during the lockdown. From 11 to 17 May, the frequencies on all lines will be boosted, so that they will be fully operational when the school reopen. "However, we ask people to avoid rush hours if possible, and use alternative modes of transport as much as they can," Van Hamme said.

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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