First passenger with coronavirus symptoms refused at Brussels Airport

First passenger with coronavirus symptoms refused at Brussels Airport
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On Monday - the first day that flights resumed - one person was not allowed in Brussels Airport Zaventem, as the extra security check determined that the person showed symptoms of the coronavirus.

The person was not allowed to enter the airport building as the thermal cameras determined that their body temperature was higher than 38 degrees, and a medical check confirmed that they showed symptoms of the coronavirus.

To guarantee the safety of passengers and staff, the body temperature of all passengers is checked before they are allowed to enter the terminal. On Monday before 1:00 PM, a total of 3,500 people were checked, of which 14 had a temperature over 38 degrees. They had to take a medical check, outside the building in a glass container.

During that medical check, the temperature is taken again to double-check, and the doctor also goes through a questionnaire to check if people also have other symptoms of Covid-19, or if there is another reason for the higher temperature.

"We recommend that passengers postpone their journey and do not come to the airport if, on the day of their trip, they have an elevated temperature," the airport said.

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Additionally, wearing a face mask on board the plane as well as in the airport terminal will also be mandatory for everyone, and people who do not have one will receive one from the airport staff. Hand sanitiser dispensers and mobile hand wash basins are available for people to clean their hands at any moment.

Checking in for flights will be done contact-free or online, and all queuing lanes have been provided with stickers and retractable barriers to maintain social distancing.

Security screenings will also happen according to all safety regulations, with staff wearing masks and gloves. Each tray will be cleaned after use.

Additionally, several shops and food outlets have also reopened from Monday, so passengers can have a snack or shop before or after their flight, but social distancing and hygiene measures will have to be followed at all times.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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