Face masks now mandatory on all busy streets in Brussels

Face masks now mandatory on all busy streets in Brussels
Credit: Belga

The city of Brussels has extended the requirement to wear face masks in its territory to include all busy streets and pedestrian zones as of Wednesday.

Following the measures by the National Security Council, the Brussels city council 29 July made face masks mandatory "in all busy streets and in all streets where the footpaths are not wide enough to safely guarantee the distance rules," a press release by mayor Philippe Close and Alderman for Economic Affairs Fabian Maingain stated on Wednesday.

Wearing a mask was already a requirement in the city centre pedestrian zone, the Rue Neuve and the Rue Marie-Christine from Saturday.

The list now also includes the Rue De Wand, Avenue de la Brise, Avenue Wannecouter, Avenue de Busleyden, Avenue Stalingrad, Rue du Bailli, Boulevard de Waterloo, Avenue de la Toison d'Or, Avenue Louise, and the Quartier des Marolles and the Quartier Sainte-Catherine.

Additionally, masks are also compulsory at all markets, flea markets and fairs.

Credit: City of Brussels

The city also reminded its citizens that it is their responsibility to protect themselves with a mask if the circumstances or the crowds do not allow the rules of social distancing to be respected. People who do not respect the rules will get an administrative (GAS) fine, the city council announced.

According to Maingain, the decisions were "difficult but necessary" to avoid "a new lockdown that is extremely damaging to our traders."

The City Council will indicate clearly, on each street, that masks are mandatory, using panels or screens.

Maïthé Chini

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