Brussels could begin curfew if things get worse, Health Minister warns

Brussels could begin curfew if things get worse, Health Minister warns
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Similar measures as in Antwerp, including a curfew, are not ruled out in the Brussels Region if the coronavirus figures continue to rise, according to Brussels Health Minister Alain Maron.

Maron said that he is "worried" about the rising figures, but also said that most infections concern clusters in specific municipalities.

"Only when the figures are rising, in general, do you get measures such as in Antwerp: ensuring that fewer people move around and making masks compulsory on the public domain," Maron told VRT, adding that "a curfew is not excluded."

These kinds of measures are possible, but not necessary yet, according to him. "Our regional services analyse Sciensano's figures every day. They are not as bad as in Antwerp, but if there is an evolution, then all measures are possible," he said.

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On Wednesday evening in Terzake, the chief doctor of the Cliniques Saint-Jean, Kenneth Coenye, warned that the increasing number of positive tests was "worrying" and that a situation "similar to the one in Antwerp" was not far away in Brussels.

However, according to Maron, measures should still be taken by the municipalities at this stage. "Last week and the week before, we found a link between infections in a building in Saint-Josse, and there was also a cluster in Evere and Schaerbeek, and the municipalities intervened there," Maron said.

Earlier this week, virologist Marc Van Ranst already said that the stricter measures in the Antwerp province would be used as a template for other hard-hit municipalities or areas in the country.

“We have the example of Antwerp now,” Van Ranst said. “From a certain threshold, which is still being discussed, other municipalities or districts are going to get the same or similar measures," he added.

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