Brussels Fire Brigade called to Greenpeace's flame banner

Brussels Fire Brigade called to Greenpeace's flame banner
Credit: The Brussels Times

The Brussels fire brigade was called to the European Commission on Friday afternoon to assist in the removal of a smoking banner depicting flames on the Berlaymont building.

The banner, which read “Amazon fires – Europe guilty", appeared on the building on 11 September, and made it look like the Commission was on fire. A lack of permission, however, meant it would not stay up long.

By early afternoon, the fire brigade was spotted removing the banner, prompting people to point out that it looked like they were trying to put out the flames.

"At the request of the police, the fire brigade was asked to remove the banner from the European Commission building on Friday," Walter Derieuw, spokesperson for the Brussels fire brigade, told The Brussels Times.

"The banner was not hung with permission from the owner of the building," a police spokesperson said. "So, it had to be removed."

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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