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Scaffolding on Brussels Palace of Justice gets renovated

Credit; Belga

The scaffolding on Brussels’ Palace of Justice needs its own renovation before workers can use it to fix the building.

Belgium’s federal government will put €1.5 million aside to renovate the scaffolds, which were put up in 1984. They now need to be reinforced and adapted before renovation works can take place.

Reinforcing the scaffolds is the first step in the renovation works. “Thanks to these adjustments, tests and test restorations can already be carried out on the bricks,” says the Public Buildings Administration, the client for the works. “The anchors of the bricks will be mapped out and, if necessary, immediate problems will be solved.”

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After the façade on Place Poelaert, which also will include the entrance, the esplanade and the base of the palace’s dome, the façades of the Rue des Minimes, Rue aux Laines and Rue de Wynants will be restored.

Secretary of State for Building control Mathieu Michel referred to the reinforcements as “work in progress” on Twitter.

“It is not a good signal of coherent and efficient public management to leave scaffolding on a building for 40 years when the work has not even been done,” Michel said. “We really want a justice system that is not under construction.”

As it currently stands, the Palace of Justice will be free of scaffolding in 2030.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times