Thousands 'interested' in new party in Brussels Bois de la Cambre today

Thousands 'interested' in new party in Brussels Bois de la Cambre today
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A new Facebook event is calling for another gathering in Bois de la Cambre in Brussels today, following a similar one on Thursday, and thousands of people already indicated that they would be present.

Even though events are still forbidden under the current measures, the organisers said on Facebook that their party is not a way to openly question the measures.

"The crazy energy at 'La Boum' (the name of the fake festival in the park on 1 April) cannot be ignored," the description on Facebook reads. The plan is to "gather in a park in the open air to enjoy music together."

"It is our duty to take responsibility and organise this big party because we are claiming our right to come together among informed and free citizens," the organisers said.

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"There are some people who say we have entered a health dictatorship," they wrote, adding that they do not want to believe that. "We want to prove that it is still possible to live and party like our grandparents did during the war."

Via Facebook, about 1,500 people already indicated that they would be present, while over 4,000 said they were "interested."

Initially, the event was supposed to take place in Brussels' Cinquantenaire Park, but due to Thursday's incidents, it has been moved to the Bois de la Cambre, according to the organisers.

"The Cinquantenaire is completely surrounded by fences and has few exits. That would end badly for everyone," they said. "The Bois de la Cambre is a good alternative, we are adapting."

The police have already indicated that they will be ready for possible new events.

Maïthé Chini

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