Over 500 protest coronavirus measures in Brussels Bois de la Cambre

Over 500 protest coronavirus measures in Brussels Bois de la Cambre
Credit: Belga

Over 500 people took part in the unauthorised ‘World Wide Demonstration for Freedom,’ a demonstration against the coronavirus measures in the Brussels Bois of La Cambre on Saturday.

Similar demonstrations are taking place today in several other countries and cities around the world, to denounce the coronavirus measures, which are excessive, useless and go against the Constitution and fundamental human rights, according to the participants.

“We are here today to demand our freedom,” several protestors told VRT. “We do not come to ask for it, we come to demand it, because this freedom is our right. For more than a year, our constitutional rights and freedoms have been restricted and violated and this must stop.”

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According to many demonstrators, the danger and extent of the coronavirus pandemic have been greatly exaggerated, while the damage caused by the measures is underestimated.

The demonstration was unauthorised, but the police saw no reason to intervene as everything was going well, a spokesperson told Bruzz. Just before 5:00 PM, most of the demonstrators went away as it started to rain heavily.

Additionally, the “La Boum Test” event that was supposed to start around 4:00 PM in the park on Saturday was cancelled by the organisation itself on Friday evening, partly because they had not obtained permission from the police.

“We throw in the towel in the face of so much incomprehension and hatred, after all that we have sacrificed for the cause,” the collective announced on Facebook.

Both the fake festival announced as “La Boum” on 1 April and “La Boum 2,” organised by L’Abîme to protest the coronavirus measures on 1 May, resulted in hours of clashes between partygoers and the police.

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