Hundreds of people gather in Bois de la Cambre against health measures

Hundreds of people gather in Bois de la Cambre against health measures
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Several hundred people (500 according to an initial police estimate, but more according to a Belga News Agency journalist) gathered on Saturday afternoon in the Bois de la Cambre park in Brussels.

The crowd reportedly showed little respect for the health measures imposed following the coronavirus pandemic, and gathered to denounce both these restrictions and the vaccination policy adopted by European countries.

The two rallies took place peacefully at around 4:15 PM, with large numbers of police stationed at a distance from the Bois de la Cambre kiosk, and attracted vaccine opponents from several European countries.

The Dutch were particularly numerous, some carrying yellow umbrellas with slogans like “peace” and “love.”

But some of them were wearing Dutch army fatigues (or even a full uniform) and a beret, Belga reported.

A few dozen metres away, families were enjoying the sunshine and spring temperatures on the lawns.

Bois de la Chambre has been a gathering point for protests against the coronavirus ever since an April Fool’s joke about a mass party there got out of hand.

A second party was held again earlier in May, and there was supposed to be a third one last weekend before the events’ anonymous organisers announced they were “throwing in the towel.”

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