Brussels GPs can now also vaccinate patients against Covid-19

Brussels GPs can now also vaccinate patients against Covid-19
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To reach more people, general practitioners in Brussels can now also vaccinate their patients against Covid-19, as a more decentralised service besides the large centres in the Capital-Region.

In collaboration with the different federations of Brussels' general practitioners, the Common Community Commission (COCOM) made sure that GPs can now also offer vaccination to their patients, both in individual practices and in group practices or medical centres.

They hope that this new decentralised vaccination action will remove any obstacles to vaccination, as Brussels is fighting an uphill battle to get as many of its residents as possible vaccinated.

"Thanks to the vaccination through the family doctor, people can be vaccinated by a trusted person who can answer any questions they might have," the press release reads.

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Brussels residents who want to be vaccinated by their general practitioner, are advised to first contact the GP in question to make sure that they carry out the procedure.

"After all, GPs can choose whether or not to vaccinate. This is an extra workload for them that should not be underestimated," said COCOM.

Since Monday 19 July, Brussels GPs have been able to place their vaccine orders via a dedicated space on the Bruvax online platform.

They can choose between delivery by an approved carrier, collection from the central hub, or from the designated vaccination centres. Healthcare providers can log in with a login and password provided by their federation (the FBHAV or the BHAK).

The vaccines can be collected from the central HUB, which delivers them in vials or syringes (Johnson & Johnson vaccine) or in vials (Pfizer vaccine), or from specific vaccination centres in Brussels that deliver both vaccines in syringes or vials.

The doctors are also given the necessary equipment: syringes, needles, a saline solution to dilute the Pfizer vaccine, and vaccination cards.

The general practitioners have to register the vaccinations in VaccinNet.

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