Brussels to reopen nightclubs on 1 October

Brussels to reopen nightclubs on 1 October
Credit: Pexels/Michael Discenza

The nightclubs in the Brussels-Capital Region will reopen on 1 October, using the Covid Safe Ticket to make sure everything can happen safely, according to the federation for Brussels' nightlife.

With this decision, Brussels is joining the rest of the country, as the Consultative Committee last week announced that clubs in Flanders and Wallonia would open again at the start of October.

"The reopening remains dependent on the health situation, however. That goes without saying. We do not even have to say it," Lorenzo Serra, spokesperson for Brussels By Night, told local media.

The use of the Covid Safe Ticket came about at the request of the sector itself, Serra stressed. "We prioritise security and the latest test events have shown it to be easy to implement."

"Thousands of people can breathe again, because they will be able to get back to work, have fun, dance and party safely," he said. "Can't wait."

The cabinet of Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort, however, stressed that while the region is aiming for a reopening on that date, they cannot know in advance how the coronavirus figures will evolve.

"What we do know is that the trend at the moment is not really positive. So we cannot guarantee that opening before 1 October," his cabinet told Bruzz.

Additionally, the use of the Covid Safe Ticket will be required for nightclubs in the Brussels Region, even if the federal government does not require it in the rest of the country.

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