Saint-Josse residents volunteer almost 5,000 hours for disaster victims

Saint-Josse residents volunteer almost 5,000 hours for disaster victims
Photo from the office of Emir KIR.

The Brussels neighbourhood of Saint-Josse has collectively provided nearly 5,000 hours of volunteer work to help victims of the devastating floods that Belgium experienced this summer.

The municipality worked with the Collège de Saint-Josse to mobilise human and material resources for people affected by the flooding, which claimed the lives of at least 40 people in the country.

“This solidarity is heart-warming, it does us so much good after the dismal images,” said Mayor Emir KIR.

“The municipal teams that went there voluntarily came back changed by this experience. The volunteers were touched by the suffering and the gratitude of the people they helped.”

Photos from the office of Emir KIR.

Specialised teams were deployed in Liège, which was particularly hard-hit by the severe weather.

Volunteers helped clean the drainage channels in order to prevent further flooding.

“Strong links were created, especially with the Trooz Medical Centre, which wants to pay tribute to our volunteers,” Mayor KIR said.

“With this initiative, the Municipality has made available almost 5,000 hours to show solidarity. I think this is the best example of public service and I am proud of the dedication of the municipal teams.”

Throughout the summer, the municipal teams mobilised more than 100 people for seven days in alternation.

Volunteers carried out a variety of tasks, such as helping individuals to evacuate, clean and empty houses, remove invasive plants that are dangerous in parks, restore the Municipal Sports Centre, and evacuate the Medical Centre.

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