Last measures can be lifted if Brussels vaccinates quickly, says Jambon

Last measures can be lifted if Brussels vaccinates quickly, says Jambon
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All coronavirus measures in Flanders can only be dropped if the Brussels-Capital Region vaccinates its population quickly, says Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon on Monday.

Jambon gave his traditional September declaration on Monday to kick off the political year on Monday. While the speech focused on Flanders, a number of its elements also indirectly apply to Brussels.

“In Flanders, we can fortunately already lead a fairly normal life,” he said, stating that the region wants to become the “post-Covid champion.”

“Soon, the face masks in restaurants and shops will disappear,” Jambon added, while urging Brussels to do something about its lower vaccination coverage.

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“I hope that the vaccination rate in Brussels will also be boosted soon, so that we can lift the final measures in Flanders as quickly as possible,” he said.

In mid-September, the Consultative Committee announced that most federal coronavirus rules will be relaxed from 1 October, but Brussels decided to keep its stricter measures due to its lower vaccination rate.

On Monday 27 September, 52% of Brussels’ entire population was fully vaccinated, compared to 79% in Flanders and 67% in Wallonia, according to the latest figures by the Sciensano national health institute.

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