New Bruvax error allows Brussels residents to get booster dose already

New Bruvax error allows Brussels residents to get booster dose already
Credit: Belga

Due to a new error in the system, Brussels residents who are not eligible for a booster vaccination can still get an appointment via the Bruvax platform.

Currently, only people over 65, people with a weakened immune system and those working in healthcare are entitled to a booster dose.

However, several people – who on paper are not yet eligible for an appointment for a third shot – are still given access to a time slot for that booster dose, La Capitale reported on Wednesday.

Age, the type of vaccine administered and the date of the last dose do not seem to affect the possibility of entering the system.

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"Changes have been made to Bruvax. Those who can be vaccinated have the option to choose between 'first dose' and 'extra dose'. Those who are excluded are excluded because they are not eligible," Fatima Boudjaoui, spokesperson for the Joint Community Commission (Cocom), told the newspaper.

"Now it is impossible to deduce the vaccination status," she added, referring to an earlier problem that allowed employers to find out the vaccination status of Brussels residents.

Cocom is still searching for an explanation for the current unusual situation, Boudjaoui said.

"In updating the list of people eligible for the booster dose, we have also added people who were vaccinated in phase 1a, including people who received their first vaccine before being invited," she added.

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