Brussels residents welcome more specified parking zones for scooters

Brussels residents welcome more specified parking zones for scooters
Credit: Belga

Brussels residents are welcoming the city parliament’s plans to create specific parking zones for shared scooters.

Residents told Bruzz that the scooters are too often a menace when abandoned on narrow sidewalks and in public spaces.

“The sidewalks are already so bad, and then you have to step over a fallen scooter just to get by,” one resident said, adding that he lives in the city centre and the scooters are too often causing problems.

“[The parking zones] are necessary, and I hope they’ll be respected. Otherwise, it’s a problem.”

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Even Belgian railway company SNCB noted that the sloppy parking was getting out of hand, with people often parking their scooter near stations and sometimes even blocking the entrances.

Brussels Mobility has already prohibited parking your scooter in places such as shopping streets, the historic city centre and parks, but such a measure is difficult to enforce.

The Brussels Parliament is now going even further and preparing an ordinance that will allow scooters to be left only in designated zones.

“I think it will make it easier to have all the scooters in one place [in the parking zones],” another resident told Bruzz. “Then for people who like to use them, it’s easier to find one.”

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