Summer road works start: Traffic disruptions in and around Brussels

Summer road works start: Traffic disruptions in and around Brussels
Credit: Brussels Mobility

Brussels Mobility, the capital region's infrastructure authority, usually plans its most significant road works in the "calmer" summer months. Now the school holidays have started, so too will the disruptions caused by these works. Find out which roads will be affected and when.

Southwest of the region

From the very start of the summer holidays, maintenance and renovation works start on the outer ring road at the level of Erasmus metro station in Anderlecht, in the southwest of the region. As a result, traffic will be disrupted on the E19 in the direction of Mons-Charleroi.

In the same area, the outer ring road will be asphalted between kilometre points 54.45 and 55.50 during the weekend of 8 July.

Works will start on the left-hand lanes from 09:00 on Friday 8 July to midnight on Saturday 9 July and on the right-hand lanes from 09:00 on Saturday 9 July to midnight on Sunday 10 July.

Following these asphalting works, on Monday 11 July Brussels Mobility will start renovating an expansion joint on Viaduct 25, which surpasses the Route de Lennik and is located at kilometre 55.50.

This will involve dismantling the existing expansion joint, removing excess and damaged concrete, installing a new expansion joint, waterproofing, and, finally, asphalting the repaired area. The work will take six weeks all-in-all.

Disruptions from Monday 11 July onwards

From Monday 11 July, traffic will be diverted to just two lanes, including on the E19 direction Mons/Charleroi.

The Red Cross indicates the closing off of the access road to the motorway. The green arrow shows the diversion via Sint-Pieter-Leeuw and the blue arrow indicates the access road in the direction of Mons. Credit: Brussels Mobility

Exit 16 to Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Exit 17 to the centre of Brussels will still be accessible for cars.

To access the outer ring R0/E19 from the area of Erasmus (around the metro stop), a diversion will be created to Sint-Pieters-Leeuw via Drève Olympique and Boulevard Josse Leemans from the Henri Simonet roundabout.

The ramp to access the Ring R0/E19 in the direction of Mons/Charleroi will remain open.

Ring road works in Flanders

Further to works carried out by Brussels Mobility, the Flemish Region will also be carrying out works on the Brussels Ring R0ad.

From 4 July to 31 August, the entrance ramp to the inner ring road at the Groenendaal intersection in the southeast of the Brussels region will be extended to meet the new safety standards.

Currently, the infrastructure is a cause of concern to many drivers, as the entrance ramp quickly changes from two lanes to one joint point, leaving little time to merge in safely. Meanwhile, visibility is limited by traffic coming from the lower tunnel.

The current entrance to the motorway is too short, and visibility is limited. Credit: Google Maps

The ramp will be lengthened, giving cars more time to safely merge with the busy inner ring road and will improve visibility; the road itself will also receive a new layer of asphalt and new trenches, and a barrier will be placed to stop cars from moving off the road.

All maintenance will be carried out simultaneously, as the lane is already closed due to the works on the entrance ramp. Both the right-hand lane and the entrance onto the motorway will be closed for the duration of the works.

From 13 to 15 August, the two right-hand lanes of the E40 in the direction of Leuven will be asphalted between kilometre point 1.2 and the Evere-Woluwe exit to the northeast of the city.

In the direction of Leuven, the Reyers-Montgomery tunnel will be closed and traffic will have to make a detour via Place Général Meiser. Following on from these works, the roundabouts on Avenue de la Communautés will also receive a new layer of asphalt.

Works in Brussels itself

Within Brussels itself, there will be numerous asphalting works, including to the north of Parc du Cinquantenaire, surrounding Place de Jamblinne de Meux and Avenue Plasky.

The Avenue Marius Renard in Anderlecht, Drève Saint-Hubert and Rue de Stalle in Uccle and the Avenue de l'Exposition Universelle in Ganshoren will also be worked on. A complete overview and the exact dates of the works can be found here.

Meanwhile, the Avenue du Diamant in Schaerbeek will be resurfaced and the pavements will be renewed at the same time. Similar works will be carried out on Chaussée d'Alsemberg from Saint-Gilles to Uccle and Rue Defacqz in Châtelain.

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The renovation works on the Trône tunnel, which started mid-May, will also continue. A cycling path will be constructed along Avenue de Waterloo, the street lights on Boulevard de l'Humanité will be maintained and work will continue on the future tram line 10.

Finally, public transport operator STIB will continue its renovation of rue Wayez, Boulevard de Smet de Naeyer and Rue Leon Theodore. It will renew tram tracks on the boulevard Général Jacques. All these works will result in the disruption of tram lines 7 and 25 in July and August.

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